Who is Enzo?


Enzo Serrudo is an Argentinian artist who was born in the city of Santa Fe on April 28, 1963. Since his early life, you could see his fondness for the arts. His first love was a pencil and his carbon cinder, leaning for realism and surrealism. Enzo is 100% self autodidact(self-taught).


During his adolescence, he won many awards, being recognized for his talent. Currently Enzo has a constant dialogue with colors, and in actuality, the main character. It’s a game of ideas breathing for a final work of art. Every painting is an impulsive challenge  that starts with an idea and it ends with the last stroke.


Today, Enzo works his art in acrylic on canvas, he has no fixed patterns to follow, his models are personalities with a present history or with a strong past. Enzo is an serene artist, he doesn’t like to show off his works of art and in the last few years he has only painted for himself and the people he loves. Admirer of Pablo Picasso, Amadeo Modigliani, Cravaggio and currently respects Voka, Romero Britto and Domingo Zapata.


Enzo defines his style as figurative and spontaneous. He continues to search his own style and to accomplish his Magnum Opus.

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